Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazardous materials are contagions that present a threat to humans and animals such as the following: parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions, rickettsia and biologically active agents such as toxins, allergens, or venoms that can threaten living organisms and cause danger to the environment or to the general public. In the event you may find yourself faced with these contaminants in your home or business due to a crime or industrial accident, then you need to call in a professional biohazard cleanup company such as ours.

Our technicians are insured, licensed, bonded, and trained on a continuous basis in the field of biohazard cleanup services. They are experts in the treatment and disposal of all biohazardous materials that may be present in your facility after a violent crime or fatal accident has occurred. Due to the growing demand, we now offer our biohazard cleanup services throughout the United States. Our team of professionals is capable of the biohazard remediation of hazardous materials such as chemicals found in tear gas, biological fluids including blood and bodily fluids, and chemical spills or accidents that occur in industrial settings.

We are in compliance with the EPA, OSHA, and DOT in the treatment and removal of all biohazardous materials and will leave your home or office sanitized and treated to federal and state government safety standards and specifications. Numerous diseases are present in bloodborne, airborne and waterborne pathogens. It is never advisable to clean a contaminated area on your own, or to hire a routine cleaning service that is not trained in dealing with biohazard materials.

When dealing with biohazard materials, they must be cleaned, sanitized, removed, contained, and taken to an approved landfill that accepts sanitized biohazardous materials. Our biohazard cleanup company follows all state, federal and local governing laws when it comes to properly handling all biohazardous materials. Call us today for professional biohazard cleanup services in your area.