Suicide Cleanup

Suicide that results in the loss of a loved one is never something we should have to experience in our lives, but unfortunately, it does happen. Helping a friend in need after a suicide is what started our company because the founders realized something such as this should never be left to the family to clean up after. That is why we offer suicide cleanup so families wont have to deal with the aftermath of such a tragic situation.

In the event of suicide, the area is treated as a crime scene investigation until all evidence proves that it was indeed a suicide. The investigation can be ongoing until all parties are satisfied, and after the investigation, comes the suicide cleanup. This is where we step in.

Our technicians are hand selected due to their level of compassion, their fortitude to do an unpleasant job that benefits families and loved ones so they are not faced with the task, and their willingness to help in every way possible. When you give us a call for suicide cleanup services, your call will be answered immediately and promptly handled and our technicians will be on the premises in less than 2 hours.

We are a suicide cleanup, but more importantly, we are a biohazard cleanup service. This means that the area affected will be 100% sanitized, cleaned, and gone over with a fine-tooth comb to ensure no evidence will be left behind of the tragic event. The materials will be disinfected and sanitized according to OSHA and EPA standards and regulations and all materials will be properly disposed of. Once the area is cleaned and sanitized, you will be presented a certificate with a checklist for insurance purposes as most insurance companies will cover our suicide cleanup services.

In your darkest hours, we will be there for you to help you get through this tragic time. Our technicians can also offer you resources to help you find the right organization such as grief counseling, funeral arrangements, or temporary housing. You may feel like you are all alone, but you arent: we are just one phone call away and ready to help with the suicide cleanup process whenever you need us.